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The Millyard Health Collaborative, Inc. is a team of seasoned behavioral and addiction specialists, coming together to offer compassionate, effective approaches for your care, health and revitalization. At the core of positive change, strong relationships and the best of proven approaches support you through life's challenges.

Testing Services ...
We provide neuropsychological assessments for children (ages 2 and up) through young adults. A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of intellectual (thinking/reasoning) skills, memory and processing skills, attention/self regulation and executive functioning skills, and basic language and visual-spatial skills. In some cases, additional testing is also requested to evaluate social/emotional functioning. Clients often seek testing for diagnostic purposes in order to understand why an individual may be experiencing learning, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties, as well as to identify needs and recommendations for therapeutic intervention. Insurance will cover testing that is considered medically necessary but will not pay for testing that is solely educational in nature.

The Nurtured Heart Approach...
We are proud to offer The Nurtured Heart Approach, as developed by Howard Glasser, MA, Director of The Children's Success Foundation. This parenting approach has proven especially helpful for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and Anxiety or Depression with applications in the home and at school. It helps parents unify, to create successes for the child to experience and set clear limits. It is so effective we often see changes after the first session. Children who have learned to cope through adversity need our help to manage their intensity. This exciting new approach benefits the entire family and has a classroom application as well.

Cognitive Behavioral and Schema Therapy...
We provide Cognitive Behavioral therapies for adults, for the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, substance abuse and difficulties in relationships. These action and goal-oriented approaches have proven scientifically to significantly reduce and eliminate symptoms. Dialectic Behavioral Therapy for improved emotional coping, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness in relationships. Schema Therapy was developed by Jeffrey Young, PhD. This approach helps to identify and resolve patterns of thoughts, feelings and expectations which keep people stuck in self-defeating behaviors and resolve difficulties in relationships.

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Services…
Eighty-five percent of those suffering from an addiction also have emotional symptoms. Our understanding of addiction is that it temporarily relieves suffering and emotional pain. Also true is that the effects of substance abuse often leave emotional and personality changes that can need your attention. Treating both the addiction and underlying issues are vital to continued success. Making a commitment to getting the right kind of support for recovery improves your chances of success.

Consultation Services: Starting your own Private Practice

We accept most insurers for behavioral services, as well as credit cards and discount plans in blocks of service. Please call us for an appointment to discuss your needs. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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