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Pat Stewart

Pat Stewart, LMHC
Adolescent, Adult and Family Counseling Parent Coaching

As an interactive therapist of 20 years, my approach to treatment is focused on helping you define your strengths and problems, identify solutions and develop a plan with you for your progress. My practice is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the most effective and up to date techniques for addressing complex issues, mood and personality disorders, family and parenting issues, resolving couples conflicts and support in overcoming life's challenges. Each client or family's needs are unique, so I draw only upon proven techniques to incorporate what is most helpful to achieve a successful outcome.

The approaches I will introduce you to are based upon cognitive behavioral therapies which help us see how your thoughts and feelings affect your behavior. These include traditional Cognitive Behavioral approaches which have proven to significantly reduce or eliminate painful symptoms of depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress and other symptoms which can result from personality and relationship problems, substance abuse, grief and loss and even chronic pain. In addition to these approaches, I also specialize in the following:

Schema Therapy is a cognitive behavioral approach designed by Jeffrey Young, PhD. A schema is a pattern of thoughts, feelings and expectations, which are unconsciously driven and interfere with one's happiness. Schemas may contribute to our sense of identity, and establish a template for the relationships we form with ourselves and others. This approach begins with several questionnaires which reveal insight into related behaviors and emotions, leading to greater self understanding. Your goals today guide us through this process which in turn leads to individualized change techniques which can then help you finally break through frustrating blocks.

Dialectic Behavior Therapy was designed by Marcia Linehan, PhD. as a series of coping skills to help in mindfulness training, greater self-control in regulating emotions, improving your ability to cope with stress, and effectiveness skills in interpersonal relationships. As an Advanced DBT coach, I can assist clients in learning these helpful coping skills to improve their quality of life. These skills are especially helpful where teens or adults are highly emotional or reactive in relationships as a tool for feeling calmer and in greater self control, for more predictable successfulness in relating.

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a straightforward and loving approach that helps parents unify in their approach when children are particularly challenging or intense. Parents learn quickly how their child's intensity can be turned into successes, and they see clearly how other parenting approaches backfire with challenging children. They learn to be firmly in control of where they place their attention, which together with clear limits and other techniques of the approach, helps them form a transformative bond with their child which transcends problems. When these small but important changes become a way of life you will see how much richer your personal and family life is...and would wish you had only begun sooner!

Why waste valuable time struggling with a lack of progress? Now is the time to create the life that you want, to benefit from these brief, effective approaches. Please email me now at to ask about an appointment time, ask questions you may have about any of the therapeutic approaches and discuss your personal or family's needs...I look forward to hearing from you!

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