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Joann Frankouser

Joann Frankhouser, Psy.D.
Testing Services

In addition to her 20-year private practice, she worked as Director of the Preschool Team at North Shore Children’s Hospital in Salem MA for 7 years, has taught at Simmons College and Gordon College periodically, worked as a consulting School Psychologist in the Marblehead Public School System for the past 14 years, and provided coaching to individuals with “executive functioning” difficulties. Throughout she has worked with infants through young adults to identify processing style, learning and therapeutic needs and assist families and schools to meet the individual needs of her clients.

While labels may be necessary to receive services, she firmly believes that all of us have a range of strengths that should be taught to, and that we can learn strategies and techniques using our areas of strength to support areas we find more challenging. She has extensive experience working with students dealing with the challenges of problems focusing, monitoring, organizing, planning, and coordinating their skills, along with those who also find it more difficult to appreciate the “big picture,” take another’s perspective, and form inferences.

Please e-mail me at or call me at 978-388-3343, x9 with any questions or to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.


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